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The Curing Chemist

Mixing a dash of local, Buxton history, a splash of silly science, with a spoonful of creativity, The Curing Chemist dares to offer nothing but fun.


Workshops with local primary schools, within the cellars of Buxton Crescent and at The Pump Room, introduced children to 'remedies' of yesteryear; the pick-me-ups, tonics, tinctures, oils, and all the other gubbins that passed as medical cures to everyday ailments in days gone by.

The children then created new potions to aid their own wellbeing and health, conjuring up recipes to tackle the maladies and troubles we face today. These fabulous creations then were transformed into an installation at the Pump Room, to be enjoyed by all visitors.

But the quackery could not be contained! Spring Gardens became the arena for The Curing Chemist to ply their wares upon unsuspecting members of the public. A stoat infestation? No problem, madam. Moustache shyness? Easily addressed, sir. The street has never felt so perky!

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