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Capturing a Moment: Image

Capturing a Moment


On the 1st and 2nd October 2021, the now-empty Marks and Spencer building came to life with a community-developed projection. 


The projection presented real memories and fantastical imaginings gathered from local people about the Spring Gardens area of Buxton.


Buxton-based theatre company, Babbling Vagabonds, invited locals (and previous inhabitants) to share their recollections of the area and young people to wonder what might lurk behind the closed windows of the empty shops. These drawings, written words and oral recordings were then developed, in collaboration with local projection specialists Illuminos, to create an animation of their work. 


The outcome was a wonderful 15-minute video, presented to original music. It was shared over two magical evenings (looped).

Capturing a Moment: Text
Capturing a Moment: Pro Gallery
Capturing a Moment: Video
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