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Illuminate Buxton: a place we call home

Deep in the heart of Derbyshire, beneath Buxton’s streets and fields, dragons are sleeping.Creatures of magic and wonder, they exist in elementstate, Air, Earth, Fire, and finally Water, the largest andmost ancient, formed from the power of the other three.Once every thousand years, on the full Snow Moon of February, these Dragons can be woken from their jewel-like eggs, to dance in the moonlight, spread theirmagic, and unite in celebration.

Four free events were held on the evenings of:

  • Wednesday, 21st Feb. Fairfield Band Room

  • Thursday, 22nd Feb. Harpur Hill St. James' Church

  • Friday, 23rd Feb. Burbage Christ Church (inside)

  • Saturday, 24th Feb. The old Royal Hotel (above what was Track and Trail) Spring Gardens 


Each projection lasted between 10 and 15 minutes and cycled through showings over the course of the evening.

On Wednesday, Fairfield Brass Band opened the show in style with a special promenade performance.

On Saturday, the projections were the finale piece to a bigger celebration event. The Our Street Youth Board organised bands and entertainment to play throughout the afternoon by the Turner Memorial, including original work composed during our Youth Board Music Development Days in association with High Peak Community Arts. At 6.30pm Two Left Hands led a procession of our wonderful Wye Dragon and fun, mini-projections created by Buxton schoolchildren along Spring Gardens, from Lomas to the Turner Memorial, to herald the beginning of the projection.

Illuminate Fairfield - Air 1

Illuminate Fairfield - Air 2

Illuminate Fairfield - Air 3

Illuminate Harpur Hill - Earth 1

Illuminate Harpur Hill - Earth 2

Illuminate Harpur Hill - Earth 3

Illuminate Burbage - Fire 1

Illuminate Burbage - Fire 2

Illuminate Burbage - Fire 3

Illuminate Spring Gardens - Water 1

Illuminate Spring Gardens - Water 2

Illuminate Spring Gardens - Water 3

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